Zii-catcherist Peoples Productions

From the Brine Brain

  • The Twisted Trails We Travel

    Future additions will likely be weirder, less new, and more witchy.
  • Shifting Focus

    Here are just a few sneak-peaks of what we are working on.
  • 22 Questions

    An interview with Bob Villa regarding the origins and beliefs of the Zii-catcherist Peoples Temple
  • Troubles with Awareness, Explanations, and Monkey Bibles

    We are including a copy of Tuesday's Song with any purchase. This should help out our friends that have a copy of the cards but not the book.
  • Where Am I? *an update*

    We don't condone anything, ever.
  • A Story About A Song

    I asked for a Zii-catcherist scripture. A new revelation for the weirdos, the outcasts, the marginalized.
  • Code of Conduct

  • An Excerpt

  • The Lunatic Feast

    A modern Soma ritual for the Zii-Catcherist Peoples Temple
  • Regarding Politics

    Punch a Nazi? Move to Canada? Civil war? Vote? Boycott?

    Or maybe I'll just play a song.

  • Zii-catcherism, In Short

    The first and most important thing: Everything I am about to tell you is wrong.
  • Our First Hate Mail

    If anyone who knew anything kept silent on the subject we would all be feral. Possible for the better, admittedly.