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The Lunatic Feast

This is the version of the Feast originally published with Melete Phi. Has it changed since? Of course. Have you not been paying attention?

The Lunatic Feast
As practiced by Gatto Arisco

A modern Soma ritual for the Zii-Catcherist Peoples Temple

1. Acquire the tools
A. Ephedra; preferably still in the ground
B. Basin; approximately 6” deep, 18” diameter
C. Soma Pot; two-quart capacity
D. Buttermilk; one quart
E. Pitcher; one-quart capacity
F. Water; sufficient for the Basin, the Pitcher, rinsing the Wool Sieve and in case of an incident with the fire
G. Fire Pot; with fuel (lamp oil works well)
H. Ash Tray
I. Icon of Charlie the Golden Fe-Tus; or Indra, or YHWH, the Sun
J. Icon of Gerald the Mouse; or Vishnu, or Jesus, the Moon
K. Icon of Mestixtontoplion; or Shiva, or Satan, Destruction
L. Icon of the Krid’s Krumpus; or Brahma, or Buddha, Conception
M. Lunatic Deck; or traditional tarot
N. Sacrificial Plate; large enough to accommodate a generous meal
O. Sacrificial Cup; wood
P. Leather Pouch; at least three-quart capacity
Q. Pressing Stones; 2, each the size of a fist
R. Wool Sieve; wool trapped between two screens, inside a funnel
S. Ghee; clarified butter
T. Personal Offering; food is often appropriate, or money (which would be burned)
U. Pall Mall cigarettes
V. Matches/Lighter
W. Cups for all participants
2. Prepare for the Ritual
A. Add Water to the Basin
B. Fill the Soma Pot with Buttermilk
C. Fill the Pitcher with Water
D. Pour water through the Wool Sieve
E. Add fuel to the Fire Pot
F. Establish the position for the Altar
G. Establish the position for the pressing West of the Altar
3. Construct the altar at Moonrise
A. Place the Fire Pot (not yet lit) in the South
B. Place the Ash Tray in the North-East
C. Place the Soma Pot in the North-West
D. Place the Icon of Charlie the Golden Fe-Tus in the center
E. Place the Icon of Gerald North-East of the Fire, and South-East of Charlie
F. Place the Icon of Mestxtontoplion North-West of the Fire, and South-West of Charlie
G. Place the Icon of the Krid’s Krumpus North of Charlie, West of the Ash Tray, and East of the Soma Pot
H. Place a  pair of cards from the Lunatic Deck face down, North of the Krid’s Krumpus
I. Place a  pair of cards in the South-West, West of the Fire Pot
J. Place a pair of cards in the South-East, East of the Fire Pot
K. Place the Sacrificial Plate and Cup South of the Fire Pot
L. Consecrate the altar with a prayer: “This is my house.”
4. Prepare the Offering
A. Collect Ephedra
B. Rinse the Ephedra in the Basin
C. Clean the Ephedra by separating the stalks from the wood
D. Place the washed and cleaned Ephedra in the Leather Pouch (approximately one cup)
E. Empty the Pitcher into the Leather Pouch
F. Press the Ephedra into the water using the Pressing Stones until shortly before Midnight (11:00 pm)
G. Strain the Ephedra and Water through the Wool Sieve into the Soma Pot
H. Turn the two Cards to the North face up
I. Recite: “The greater is lesser; I am my own son.”
J. Return the Cards to the North to face down
5. Collect Offerings
A. Invite participants to give with a prayer: “This is my house and all within must pay tribute.”
B. Collect offerings and place on the Sacrificial Plate, or in the Fire Pot, as is appropriate
C. Add Ghee to the Fire Pot
D. Pour the Soma into the Sacrificial Cup
E. Light the Fire
F. Turn the North Cards face-up
G. Recite: “Planet of the sexes, planet of the races, planet of the left hand, planet of the tooth. Planet Two. Planet Two.”
H. Allow the Ghee to be consumed
6. Begin the Feast at Midnight
A. Recite: “The lesser is made greater; I am my own father.”
B. Consecrate the Pall Mall with a prayer. Hold it to your forehead while facing the moon, recite; “De Lune. De Lune. De Lune.”
C. Light the Pall Mall (without smoking it) on the end opposite the ink stamp
D. Again; consecrate the Pall Mall (in like manner)
E. Place the Pall Mall in the Ash Tray, such that it is free to burn
F. Consecrate the Sacrificial Cup and Soma within as you did the Pall Mall
G. Consecrate the Sacrificial Plate by touching it while facing the Moon and reciting; “De Lune. De Lune. De Lune.”
H. Distribute the remaining Pall Malls and Soma to all participants
I. Tend to the Pall Mall, ensuring that it continues to burn. Re-ignite as needed. Each time the Pall Mall is touched it should be re-consecrated
7. Close the Feast when the Pall Mall burns the “P” on the ink stamp
A. Turn the Cards to the South-West face up
B. Recite: “We know that life is nothing, and you are less.”
C. Consecrate the Pall Mall again, and extinguish it
D. Turn the Final pair of cards, to the South-East, face-up
E. Invite all to depart with a prayer: “This is my house, and you are not welcome.”
F. Return all six cards to the face-down position.
8. The following morning
A. Pour out the Sacrificial some
B. Scatter any remaining material offerings

A few notes: There are those who would perform this differently. That’s good. I encourage everyone to do as they please with what I have written here. This is how I do it. You do it how you do it. I have included substitutions for the Lunatic Deck and the Icons. I do this because not everyone (in fact very few) have any idea what these icons represent, or what the Lunatic Deck is. I want to be clear and welcoming of other faiths. Still; I do not recommend using the substitutions. There are subtle differences in the Icons, and although the traditional tarot can stand in, it is in truth a totally different thing from the Lunatic Deck. If you construct the altar as directed you will see that it is a table centerpiece, with the Sacrificial Plate and Cup being the head of the table. It is encouraged that the participants form a semi-circle around the altar, leaving open a place in the circle for the Moon. In this way, we invite the Moon to join us at our tea party.

 Also: Anthrax and stuff. Cigarettes are bad for you. Don't actually do this, or anything we recommend, ever. 


  • It’s weird being a bob, but i’ll get used to it.
    I have to.

    The Pall Mall
  • I have a number of comments but the main one is that you can’t put out an oil fire with water.

    Lucky McMitchell

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