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Where Am I? *an update*


It's been a minute.

No big deal. We just had a pandemic sweep through. Maybe you heard something about that. Then there were the earthquakes, right up on top of our home base. Or under, I guess. Plus all the normal business stuff: taxes, marketing, blah, blah, blah... It's been an interesting month.

I'm on lockdown, like the rest of the nation, but we can still effectively ship, so feel free to place your orders. We might be a little slower than usual but we will get it there.

Sculpting is still happening. Although we hit some major setbacks to the new product line (even before the earthquake) we have overcome and expect Charlie to hit the shelves in just the next week or two. And he is going to be beautiful. A golden fetus floating in blackwater.

It's not just a rumor. It's true. We have been building an orgone accumulator. Or, rather, that strange box that some people call an orgone accumulator. (Hi Mr. FDA stooge. We don't believe in or condone anything, ever.) We hope to have the box done soon but right now the brick-and-mortar has gone to hell, so we'll see how it goes.

We should be using this time to blow up your social media feed since everyone is stuck in their houses. Not really into that sort of profiteering, I suppose. With everything locked down, I have been trying to keep my focus closer to home. We hope you are all doing the same.

One thing we are looking forward to that we can do remotely is an online reading from the deck. That has been a long-time goal and we are now ready to proceed. No timeframe for you yet as we are just getting started. We will keep you posted.

Honestly, I don't have a lot I wanted to convey. "Working" from home with a house full of stir-crazy children has wrecked my brain.

There are people talking to me as I write. My office is blocked off with caution tape. The nation is in quarantine. Our economy is likely collapsing before our eyes.

We are just warming up.




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