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Hi friends!

I'd bet you're wondering (assuming you are one the very special people that comes around to see what's new) what is going on over here. Where's all the new product we were promising? Where is even the product that we already had? Did we go out of business, or sell out of everything?

No, no, no.

We are still here and we still have plenty of cool stuff. It's just that we are moving and I don't want to be shipping stuff while we settle. This isn't a huge money making thing (surprise!) and I don't want to worry about it right now. I am bringing a bunch of the decks with me so those are remaining in stock. I will also be available for divination or other services.

When we do get around to making this a full on retail thing again we are going to do a major overhaul. We are looking to move through what we have now, but future additions will likely be weirder, less new, and more witchy. We want to go into light-weight production (if/when we feel like it) and really dig down on found weirdness. I'm envisioning something like a haunted junk shop, except online, and with a splattering of our own creations. The decks aren't going anywhere, obviously.

Speaking of the decks; It turns out I have a special knack for obscurity. Did you read that? Did you 'Get it'? Yeah, thought so. So, I'm working on a second edition. There are a few typos in the first edition that I want to correct. I am also including three new arrangements of the verses. The first is a story based version; Who did what and who had what comment? The second is a strictly chronological arrangement (by year), the actual order of events described. Lastly, I am including an arrangement directly relating to the cards. I'm hoping that this will add some understanding and use-value for y'all.

The original arrangement is definitely superior, by the way. That's why I did it that way. But, whatever. People are lazy, distracted, or, at the very least, not as interested as I am.

Google is mad at us because I dropped Bob Villa's name without permission. Maybe someday I'll  fix that. Maybe.

Facebook keeps kicking our products off, mostly just for being too strange. Their A.I. keeps thinking they are dating apps, or violent, or who-knows-what. Maybe someday I'll fix that. Maybe.

The reason we are moving is because we are going to start a permaculture homestead. It's a great idea. You should do it, too. There is a huge flux of people and money moving out of urban areas into the rural landscape to start micro-farms. We are actually changing the face of agriculture one home at a time. Come and join the revolution. We are going to save the world.

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