Zii-catcherist Peoples Productions

Zii-catcherism, In Short

The first and most important thing: Everything I am about to tell you is wrong.


We keep getting a lot of questions about what we are all about, so I am going to try to explain. Let's start with the name: The Zii-catcherist Peoples Temple.

Each word is very important, so I will explain each in turn.

"The": Not A temple, but The temple. It is not part of a set. Far from it.

"Zii": Although the original meaning is no longer in use (a vague throw-back to the political history of Islam) it has come to be understood as a sort of thought particle. As an atom is to physics, the zii is to spirit.

"Catcherist": A person who is a practicing catcher. This is a deliberate reference to The Catcher in the Rye. The catcher as preserver.

"Peoples": This temple belongs to the people. As Otot once smartly quoted, "If anybody asks you who composed this song tell them twas I and I sing it all day long."

"Temple": A place of worship.

So, to put it all together; We are unique and self-governing preservers of sacred spiritual experience. Simple, right?

Another way to look at this is to examine our first commandment: "Thou shalt have no gods before Zia... unless you really, really want to." It's a little funny, sure, but the intent could not be more important. The word Zia has been defined as 'Everyone's personal perceptions combined' (within a Zii-catcherist context. Not speaking of the natives down toward Arizona). See what we did there? The highest expression of God (in our world) is the sum total of everyone's experience. This is what we uphold and sanctify. However, if for whatever reason you cannot or will not accept this basic truth then so be it. Your experience, your perception, is divine. I have no place in deriding that. My view is in no way superior to yours.

Which brings me to one of my favorite ideas: You are wrong.

Or: I am wrong. Either way.

The thing is, we each have a very clear window into truth. Very clear, very unique, and very, very small. All day long we take these tiny little pieces of information and extrapolate out ad nauseum. You saw what you saw, alright. It's just that nothing you thought about it was correct. We all think we are correct all the time. When you think you are wrong you are simply switching to a new 'right'. So, you are right, and the guy you are arguing with is right. Everyone is always right. And everyone always disagrees. Remember that time you knew you were correct, only to find out later how wrong you were? Yep, that's where we live.

This is where you go, "Yes, that's true, but I KNOW I'm right about..." and then you probably say something about God or love or family. Nope. That, too.

Sometimes they assemble. Sometimes they disassemble.



  • This explanation is dumb and I hate it

  • 0 + 2 = 1
    Yes and no are like day and night,
    One breaks as the other is falling.
    Questions the answers, stir the solutions,
    In the end, for light, you must burn your conclusions;
    Night and darkness love silence above all,
    Not the equations of sun-loving apes,
    Or their prayers for the dead of a world that’s to come
    0 + 2 = 1

    The Pall Mall

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