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Well, ain't that the shit.

I wrote this nice long intro giving context and blah, blah, blah and the stupid computer crashed. Save your work, kids.

You get the short version because, as I've already mentioned, we bore easily. Here you go: Did a long penance for the book and at the same time wrote this (inspired by Krishna, Hill, Carnegie, and Huggins):

I. Inner Self
1. Meditate
2. Work
3. Sacrifice
4. Be compassionate
5. Be thrifty
6. Be humble
7. Be grateful
8. Be honest and open
9. Do your best
II. Outer Self
10. Have a definite goal
11. Rely on others
12. Have faith
13. Add value
14. Be agreeable
15. Be proactive
16. Stay positive
17. Control yourself
18. Use enthusiasm
19. Focus
20. Be clear and accurate
21. Find the dividend
22. Maintain your body
23. Manage your resources
III. Relations
24. Always speak well of everyone
25. Put others first
26. Smile
27. Remember and use names
28. Admit and correct mistakes quickly
29. Keep others positive
30. Listen
31. Empathize
32. Appeal to the nobler motives
33. Encourage competition
34. Correct others discreetly
35. Use questions over statements

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