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From the Brine Brain

  • I-Tarot Lite

    I thought I would share my prefered method for drawing an I-Ching reading.
  • Animal Lover

    The Monkey is the creation of desire and choice. The Pig brought the universe it's soul and vision. The Cow brought us our form.
  • Lunatic Deck & Tuesday's Song - Theory, Usage, and Tips

    Since the temptation to use an aleph as a scrying method is both obvious and rewarding it is worth giving at least some guidance on the matter.
  • A Reading From the I

    Sublime and initiative.
    Prosperous and smooth.
    Favorable and beneficial.
    Steadfast and upright.
  • Workshop Update

    We bore easily and in the words of Dr. Thompson, "It never got weird enough for me."
  • Welcome to the Idsocnet

    Welcome! We are Zii-Catcherists, and this website is the inception of our new point of contact for the IDeal SOcial NETwork, or Idsocnet. To those ...