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Troubles with Awareness, Explanations, and Monkey Bibles

Working from home is killing me. I've got all the focus of a toddler. Maybe it's because of all the time I have been spending with small children. Where am I?

So, we've been slinging these decks for a minute now and we have been pleased with the response. However, we are still facing a major issue of how to even begin engaging any potential audience. What is it? Why should I want it? It's difficult to describe, so we have decided to just give it away... for a minute anyhow. We would love to just send a full copy to whoever asks, but that is cost-prohibitive, so we are including a copy of Tuesday's Song with any purchase. This should also help out our friends that have a copy of the cards but not the book. Just order any old thing and there you go.

Speaking of things that are hard to describe, part of the trouble with describing the book is that the book is about Zii-catcherism (erm... sort of...), which is itself difficult to describe. The good news is that being the genius that I am, I have found a way to solve this challenge. Watch for an upcoming post around the '22 Questions' project. I'm feeling pretty confident that we will have a definitive expose on the Temple when it's all wrapped up. We've had some amazing input. You will like.

I know I said Charlie would be done in a week about a month ago. I think I also mentioned that we are working from home these days... BUT, he is Almost done. The models are all built out except for his stand. We had a supply chain failure and have been waiting on a couple of tools. With a little luck … Oh, jeez. Here we go again... About a week. For real. Probably.

One more thing about that book, or any Monkey bible, really. One of the main challenges of using a Monkey Bible is that there is a tendency to always settle toward the middle of the book. Even if you are using wire-bound (we did that on purpose) the cover will inevitably distort the placement of your selection. Here is the solution: Toss two coins twice. Heads = 1, tails = 0. The first toss is the 'Ones' position, second is the 'Tens'. In this way, you will end with 0, 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, or 22. Move backward the described number of pages. If you are using a larger work (an actual Bible, Koran, Dictionary, etc...) just toss the coins three times, giving 'Ones', 'Tens', and 'Hundreds'. If you are using a book with thousands of pages I suppose you would toss four times. Holy cow. Don't do that. What a pain in the ass.

There is some other stuff happening but I am running out of patience to keep writing.
For me, writing is like popping a zit. Can't not. Hurts to continue. When it's done it's just a bloody mess.

One last thing, though. Be sure to check out this music, because it is super weird, sometimes listenable (once in a while really engaging), and touches on many Zii-catcherist themes:

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