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Regarding Politics


Some of you may have noticed that the political arena has been a little heated lately. It certainly hasn't escaped me. All sorts of issues have arisen and with them myriad solutions. Punch a Nazi? Move to Canada? Civil war? Vote? Boycott?

I don't like where my country is headed right now. I am very concerned that the forces of totalitarianism are hard at work in my native land. I was discussing as much with Zia not too long ago. We were musing over what we would do in a worst-case scenario; leave the country, fight as resistance, or simply roll over in the interest of the children's safety. I am a father, after all. He said, and I agreed, that no one can judge another for what they do it that situation.

But I choose a different path altogether. You might remember that book, where the Great Rebel neither supports nor resists, but instead disregards the powers of the state. I think Camus wrote about that once.

(Here we go again with the hack theology.)

It often brings to mind that part of the Mahabharat when Krishna is offering his support in the war at Kurukshetra. Quick background: Krishna is God incarnate, Yudhishthira is the noble prince, and Duryudan is the despot. Yudhishthira and Duryodhan are brothers. Krishna is their cousin or some other vague relation I'm forgetting. I said, 'quick'. Right. Moving on. (I'm also probably misremembering. I write these posts from my head, not my stacks.)

Krishna was voicing his support of Yudhishthira's cause when Duryodhan asks, "Are we not also relations? Do I not also have your love and support?"

Krishna is naturally very wise and responds, "One of you may have my armies and the other will have me, unarmed."

As the eldest Yudhishthira was allowed to choose first. I take his words as my guiding light. He said, "There are plenty of swords for this battle already. We choose your wisdom." Yes, I'm paraphrasing. I always am. I mentioned that.

Yudhishthira was already outnumbered before Duryodhan took Krishna's armies.

Duryodhan thought Yudhishthira had played the fool. He lost the war.

What that means to me exactly is harder to define. It means, in these times of crisis, the answer is to live more authentically, to be honest about who I am and what I believe. To do whatever small part I can to spread wisdom, peace, and grace.

In related news, the decks and books are done. I was supposed to collect them from the printer today but the family has the flu. Monday we will have them in stock and ready to ship. Pre-orders will be going out then, so you can look forward to that.

Check back next week. They just keep coming.

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  • It’s been said before but I ll repeat it
    Don’t you feel like you’ve been cheated?
    It’s been shoved down your throats, you eat it
    They say it’s true, you believe it
    Small parts isolated and destroyed
    See the big boys play with their toys
    There is one thing I will never do
    Trust you

    The Pall Mall

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