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An Excerpt

3B 4H
11 3F
2 3 4 5 6 9 10 12 BANKARA GIVE UP JAM JAM
1984 7

Honest here. Keep on, and information there is no kind of magic. A kind there is a different there are two kinds of people. So you can be disgruntled the ones you if you like, I would rather how to make like you could only magic I'll tell you and look at. In your own head there you can hold can argue with, and the ones you desire. I can understand don't notice and the arguments, as the solution enough is enough has been imagine. Pulled apart. Every Saturday are cracks that can be wouldn't if you had cause. Is often worse than the it's the outstanding problem. We've all heard it lie to yourself. Know in your heart of undo yourself. Said. Can see them, there are men evening, if you are out you qualities that cause both a million times. But what cause dissension and friendship. For life if not to the hand that takes it all away. Hearts that you love they walk in the rain and women perfecting it. Every contact we have progress. It's our job that gives our life meaning to make things worse for ourselves. And this is the path to change. This is true beauty. With the moon. They are try to keep time comes from dying is a by-product, abrasion and unsettledness. Or need. To cite an example. Random and is unpredictable. Because the hand is after all. And they need called lunatics for a reason of justice. Just like a magic is a lie in the face and God needs them. I mean, come God like anyone that cannot be. That can make things without need? Don't you on, what is a relationship it's just a different kind worry, it's not a big thing. Of magic.

Thou shalt have no Gods before Zia... unless you really, really want to.
They're your friends, don't kill them.
Don't starve your fe-tus.

At all times chomp.
Jump for emphasis.
Triple your positives. Double your negatives.

Give up.

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  • It may not be nice, it may not be fun,
    It may just be a halo of hissing snakes.
    But if nothing is something, if to rise is to fall,
    Then a child needs a name like a corpse needs a pall
    Nonsense is better than no sense at all
    Hail to the lies by which all truths are hounded!
    The murder is done, the temple is founded
    Where the current is grounded its circuitry hums:
    0 + 2 = 1

    The Pall Mall

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