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Divination Consultation

Divination Consultation

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Fate is meaningless without choice.

We are happy to offer our advice and expertise in assisting you with a reading from either the Zii-catcherist Lunatic Deck or the I-Ching. We can meet with you in person or through a remote meeting, as geography allows.

It is always preferable (though not necessary) to have your own tools. For the I-Ching, we can use 50 sticks (yarrow method), a deck of playing cards, or a traditional tarot deck. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for the Lunatic Deck. Please note that we do not offer traditional tarot readings. Although it is not outside of our study it is outside of our expertise.

After checkout, we will reach out to you through your provided contact information to set a time to meet. Please allow an hour for our meeting. By the end, you will have at least a basic understanding of the employed method, a digital copy of your reading, and a brief interpretation.

For a more advanced exploration (more detail, full ritual experience, alternate methods) please reach out to us at sales@ziiproductions.com.