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Welcome to the Idsocnet


We are Zii-Catcherists, and this website is the inception of our new point of contact for the IDeal SOcial NETwork, or Idsocnet.

To those of you unacquainted with the temple, the Idsocnet is a collection of Snu groups, each represented by a single individual in the Idsocnet. A Snu is a group of co-operative individuals, or a Social Network Unit. The Idsocnet as we know it today has existed in continuity since the foundation of our temple some three decades ago.

So this, our Snu group, The Shrine of the Bloated Sea Monkey, welcomes you to join us in our Ideal Social Network as we hound the truth and destroy the norms...

...and make cool things to sell.

So far...

For the last thirty-plus years, Zii-catcherism has existed in the shadows. In all likelihood, you have heard of the Temple but did not recognize the reference. We have been less than forthcoming. Here at ZPP we are trying to rectify that, giving you an opportunity to explore this rich tradition and a source for information and tools.

In particular, we are very excited about offering the Lunatic Deck. Although the cards have been done for many years this is the first time we have been able to offer a fully professional quality print. What's more, this edition contains an entirely new work, a companion book illuminating... all things Zii-catcherist. This book completes the set and together they are the new and final (so far) Book of Fluff, eclipsing and outdating all previous or later works.

To Come...

We will continue to expand our offerings as we grow. In particular, watch the calendar for in-house events and live appearances from us and our fellow Zii-catcherists. 

Currently, we are working on large icons of the Monkey, Pig, and Cow, so keep eyes out for that. We will have some more mini icons for you, and a few really interesting pieces of woodwork coming down the pipe as well (septagram tree?).

We will be posting regular articles here on various subjects. You can expect some old works from the archives, as well as new studies of both Zii-catcherist and popular spirits, saints, gods, and demons. Mostly because I am obsessed.

In any event, you can bet it will be weirder than you thought.

Hit us up! We would love to hear from you.


  • You will never be the same.
    You Will never change.
    It will be

    The pall mall
  • You won’t believe what happens next

    Lucky McMitchell
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