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Hello friends!


This week I have been busy working on some interesting content for a couple of upcoming events we are planning, so in lieu of an actual article, I thought I would share my preferred method for drawing an I-Ching reading. As you will see, this uses about half of the lower arcana from the traditional tarot. It is important to note that the drawn card must be replaced and the deck reshuffled before drawing the next.

Hope you enjoy!

Stable whole line
Ace: Confusion
Two: Doubt
Three: Conclusion
Four: Opinion
Five: Influence
Six: Conversion
Seven: Truth
Eight: Habit
Nine: Memory
Ten: Faith
Changing whole line
Ace: Changing
King: Burning
Queen: Rising
Knight: Falling
Knave: Ending
Ten: Beginning
Stable broken line
Ace: Everything
King: Earth
Queen: Water
Knight: Fire
Knave: Air
Two: Things
Three: Something
Four: Them
Five: You
Six: River
Seven: Light
Eight: Path
Nine: Hole
Ten: Tower
Changing broken line
King: Love
Queen: Passion


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