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This week we would like to share our thoughts about the three sacred animals: The Monkey, Pig, and Cow. They are obviously an integral part of the Temple, but who are these spirits and why are they so important?

In traditional (haha) Zii-catcherist mythology animals exist in a very different way from us. While their bodies travel the Earth here with us their consciousness resides on a different plane. For most animals, this plane is called Thequena Resnia. Monkeys, Pigs, and Cows have succeeded at some primordial game and elevated to their heaven, so to speak. Their souls are on a plane called Deska Resnia. Because these animals have achieved their divine purpose they are ahead of us in the game. That is why they are sacred. To the enlightened man, they would again be mundane, as most animals appear base to us now.

But what did they achieve? What is their divine purpose? The three animals in Zii-catcherism closely resemble the gunas of Hinduism: Raja, Satva, and Tamas. As I am not in any way a practicing Hindu I will leave the study of the gunas to you. It is likely, however, that Raja is tied to the Monkey, Satva to the Pig, and Tamas to the Cow. In more typical terms, the Monkey epitomizes passion, the Pig is the essence of esoteric light, and the Cow is at absolute peace.

Another Zii-catcherist legend holds that these animals were the first creations of God. In this sense, they are guiding principles of all creation. Indeed, it is not hyperbole to say that these forces are the very building blocks of our universe. All that is manifest can only be perceived in relation to our desires, and all of our desires can be tied to these three principles. In this particular myth, the Monkey is highlighted as the creation of desire and choice. The Pig brought the universe it's soul and vision. The Cow brought us our form.

These animals are described as divine principles, as personages in and of themselves, as a class of divine spirit, and as the temporal creatures we see before us. For example, the Lunatic deck references several of each animal type in the Lunatics as well as the archetypal animals in the months. So, which is which? The answer, of course, is, 'Yes'. The primordial Monkey, the first creation, manifests as the forces we see in the lunar months and is also personified in the Lunatics. These animals (this animal) is before you now in myriad forms, most often and most strongly as, you know, a monkey.

We hope this helps add some clarity. Check back often as we update this blog weekly. Watch for an article on the Lunar Archetypes coming soon.

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